Being better

Human existence is a mysterious one, and perhaps something we will never come to truly know. As advanced as medical technology is today, we still don’t fully understand these conditions. With no education being put in place to teach the public about these conditions either, we hope our efforts could make a great difference between saving or losing a life.

For that reason our work is not only experiential, but educational in teaching others the triggers of brain abnormalities and how to react in an emergency situation.

Our charities

If you want to help us in our fight to improve medical support and education worldwide, please consider contributing to our current cause for these epilepsy charities:

Helping the UK community by bettering the lives of those affected by epilepsy. Their goal is to improve healthcare services, research into pharmaceutical drugs and increase awareness and understanding nationwide. One of their aims is to support video education for children.

A society where people living with epilepsy live a dignified, meaningful and highly impactful life.​ ​Every member of their community takes the responsibility to support people suffering from epilepsy at all times of need in order to enhance connections among People Living With Epilepsy.